The State of Women in Tech 2024:

We thrive of the intellectual challenges the industry presents, but it’s time to make invisible work visible and equal.

A report based on the voices of the members of Women in Tech Sweden


What are the experiences, challenges, motivations, and aspirations of women in the Swedish tech industry? What makes their heart sing, what do they value most when considering their next employer, and what do they deem the most important attributes for making the tech industry more attractive for women? What are the actions that organizations can take to improve the State of Women in Tech in Sweden?

The State of Women in Tech 2024 is an annual report that answers these questions and more. We’ve surveyed 1600 members of Women in Tech Sweden, and summarized their responses into this report together with our partner Exsitec.



Women in Tech Sweden is a non-for-profit community with over 20,000 members and 40 partners. But we’re more than just a community—we’re a family. Our members come from all walks of life, but we’re united by a shared love of technology and a commitment to making the tech industry a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone. So whether you’re here to learn, to connect, or to make a difference, we’re thrilled to have you on board.

The report covers topics such as job satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, gender equality, career development, work-life balance, and the future of tech. It also provides recommendations for organizations that want to take action to improve the state of women in tech, based on the insights and suggestions of the respondents.

The report is now published and available to download. If you’re curious to learn more about the survey, don’t hesitate to reach out to Åsa Johansen to book a presentation.


“Contributing with our expertise in data analysis to this report is important for Sweden as a tech leader and a matter we are particularly proud to work with. We look forward to deepened insights together with Women in Tech that can inspire other companies to move forward.” Johan Kallblad, CEO Exsitec.




We’ve developed this report with the support of our partner Exsitec.


Want a sneak peak?

Constant learning and intellectual satisfaction is the top driver as to why women thrive in tech. Read our report to explore the reasons behind how 93% of women in tech enjoy their career choice!

A majority of women in tech acknowledge a DEI effort from their employer, but the effort is not satisfactory. Read more about what women deem the most important to attract and retain women to and within the industry, and what they’re looking for when choosing an employer. 





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