So, here’s the deal: we want more women in the tech world, and once they’re in, we want them to stick around. That’s where Women in Tech Sweden comes in. We’re all about getting more ladies and non-binaries into the tech scene and making sure they feel welcome to stay.

And we couldn’t do it without the support of our partners. These are the big players in the Swedish tech industry who believe in what we’re doing, help us make it happen – and who are doing their part on their home courts. Our commitment to our partners goes beyond just words on screens; it’s the very foundation upon which we stand, ensuring close collaboration and mutual support every step of the way.

Powerful Network & Women in Tech Conference

We’ve got a bunch of interesting stuff going on over the year which includes activations for over 24,000 of our awesome members. Every year, we throw the highly sought after Women in Tech Conference. Thanks to our partners and their yearly fees, we can invite 2,500 of our members to join us for free. It’s a day packed with inspiration, networking, and showing off cool tech stuff.

Annual Partnership

If your organization wants to get involved, here’s what’s on the table:

Annual Co-Creating Partnership runs from January 1 to December 31. 

The Annual Main Partnership, it’s like the Co-Creating Partnership, but includes more and with a closer collaboration with the Women in Tech team. This is offered only to only a select few. 

We also offer other collaborations:

– Focus Session talk at the yearly Women in Tech Conference for 75,000 SEK
– Podcast Sponsorship of Women in Techs Förebilder (collaboration with Fannys Förebilder) podcast episodes for 30,000 SEK
– Hosting Partner Meetups at your own venue or digitally
– Email Invitation to address our +24,000 members via email and social media
– Branding activations at the Women in Tech Conference

Keen to collaborate?

Don’t hesitate, send us a message.



Main Partners

Accenture EY Infosys

General inquiries:

Åsa Johansen


Elin Eriksson

Creative director and curator

Annsi Krol

Business development

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