New Podcast “Women in Techs Förebilder”

Women in Tech Sweden is super excited to launch our new podcast, “Women in Techs Förebilder“. It’s all about inspiring women to dive into tech careers and supporting those already in the industry by featuring amazing role models sharing their stories.

The idea sparked in Almedalen 2023 when Fanny, Åsa, and Elin met and felt a strong urge to do something together to help more women feel they belong in tech. With Fanny’s success from her established and popular podcast “Fannys Förebilder,” she brings a wealth of experience and a dedicated following to this new project. Fast forward to now, and we have “Women in Techs Förebilder”—a podcast showcasing incredible women who are making waves in the tech world.

In our pilot episode, Fanny, Åsa, and Elin chat about why they started the podcast and what listeners can look forward to. They highlight the importance of role models and how hearing these stories can help women feel more at home in the tech industry.

“We want to show women that there’s a place for them in tech, and sharing these stories is a powerful way to do that,” says Åsa Johansson, Director of Women in Tech Sweden. “By highlighting these incredible role models, we hope to inspire more women to follow their tech dreams.”

Keen to support our mission and reach a dedicated audience of tech enthusiasts? We’re excited to offer sponsorship opportunities for those who want to be part of this journey.

Check out Women in Techs Förebilder and listen to the pilot episode!


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