Anna Albinsson

Anna Albinsson

Chief Marketing Officer, Avoki

Anna Albinsson, a dynamic leader with over 15 years of experience in diverse commercial roles, stands at the forefront of digital transformation. Currently, as the driving force behind the growth of IT company Avoki, she brings a wealth of expertise in data and analysis. Anna’s commitment extends beyond traditional business strategies, resonating in her relentless efforts to enable and uplift individuals and teams.

Her visionary leadership and passion for fostering a better world underscore Anna’s impact on positive change. She actively shapes the future of organizations by blending strategic business development with the judicious use of data. Anna Albinsson’s unique approach positions her as a transformative figure, propelling both Avoki and the broader business landscape into a new era of innovation and purpose-driven success.

Focus Session Speaker: 2024

Ariella Rotstein Gille

Cecilia Mistander

Katarina Andersson

Main Partners

Accenture EY Infosys

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