Play Launches: Bringing our Conference to Your Screen All Year

We’re excited to announce the launch of WIT Play, our new platform that’s here to keep the Women in Tech conference buzz going strong! This handy page (okay, we’re calling it a platform) pulls together all the inspiring talks and discussions from the 2022-2024 conferences, making sure you can access all that valuable knowledge whenever you want.

But wait, there’s more! In the coming weeks, Play will also include content from past conferences dating back to 2020. From groundbreaking keynote speeches and lively panel discussions to interactive workshops, Play covers everything from AI and cybersecurity to career tips and mentorship advice.

Think of it as a supercharged page that bundles up years of incredible content,” says Åsa Johansson, our Director. “Our goal with Play is to keep the inspiration and learning flowing every day, not just during the conference. By making these insights available year-round, we hope to empower and connect women in tech even more.

Play is super user-friendly, so you can easily find and enjoy talks and discussions that interest you. Whether you missed the conference or just want to re-watch your favorite sessions, Play has got you covered.

As Åsa puts it, “Play isn’t just about revisiting conference moments—it’s about keeping the conversation alive and building a stronger, more connected community of women in tech.

The Women in Tech conference has always been about empowerment, and with Play, we’re taking it to the next level. Get ready to dive back into those inspiring moments and discover new ones. Play is your new go-to for all things Women in Tech!

For more details, start exploring Play — your year-round hub for inspiration and learning in tech.


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