Moderator Alert: Welcome Steph - and a new spotlight on Unn!

Women in Tech’s vibrant and energetic moderator, Unn Swanström, who has been at the forefront of the event for the past five years is now ready to pass the baton. New as a moderator, but not new to the crowd, is Stephanie Darvill. 

Known for her distinctive style, characterized by bright colors, pastels and radiant energy, Unn Swanström has not only spread joy but has also impeccably curated an atmosphere that brought out the best in every speaker we’ve had on stage. 

However, this year marks a shift in focus as the spotlight turns towards Unn herself. Exploring the remarkable work she does on all the days when she is not moderating the conference, she will now share the story of how she’s crafted her career within tech. A passionate gamer turned UX designer and recently promoted to being the Principal User Experience Designer at Mojang Studios.

“Hosting the main stage at the Women in Tech conference for five(!) consecutive years has been so much fun and a true honor. The participants are the best one could ever wish for and the courageous speakers have been a delight to get to know.” says Unn Swanström. “I’m very much looking forward to giving a keynote, and to be honest it actually makes me a bit more nervous than being the moderator.”

As Unn steps aside, the Women in Tech Conference warmly welcomes Stephanie Darvill, a dedicated member of the community who was nominated by members during Unn’s call for suggestions of community speakers for last year’s conference. Steph, whose session at #WITswe2023 resonated well with the audience, will bring her fresh perspectives and a passion for the entrepreneurial aspect of being a woman in tech, and we can’t wait to have her on stage on the 17th of April!

“I have been in the audience, I was on stage last year, and now to be the moderator is such an incredible opportunity. Women in Tech is genuinely one of my favourite communities and that is because of the people. It’s very difficult to maintain the uplifting, familiar and caring feeling you get from small events and translate that to a big stage, but the WIT team, with Unn at the forefront, have managed to do it. I can’t wait to take that energy onto stage this year”, says Stephanie Darvill.

With the combined energy and commitment of these two first announced speakers, Women in Tech is poised for another year of empowering discussions, insightful keynote sessions, and fostering connections within the tech industry. Let’s Connect, Create and Innovate: Crafting Tech with Human Essence. 


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