Let's revisit some favorites from #WITswe23!

Ahhh, we can’t keep ourselves from doing it: Let’s dive in to two of our favorite sessions from this year’s conference.

A smart, personalized and safe customer experience using data analytics

First of all, we’ve got Stephanie Ternert, Rebecca Cander Dangovanos and Sofia Andersson from ICA Gruppen telling us about the masssssssive amount of data ICA Gruppen with its subsidiaries in retail, banking, insurance, real estate and pharma, holds about their customers.

Just thinking about how many customers ICA has makes thinking about the data set equal to thinking about space. It’s… huge. Then add Apoteket Hjärtat. And a bank. And insurance companies.

The question is, how do they leverage all this data for the benefit of the customers without compromising on security and data protection? That’s what we learned through their Focus Session.

AI isn’t magic, it’s your new tool

Annika Bäckström mesmerized us with her exploration of synthetic media, revealing its potential to amplify and strengthen creativity. Discover how generative AI services created by companies like Midjourney research lab, OpenAI and Stability AI are transforming the creative landscape and why it’s essential to discuss generative media services as tools. Annika addresses ethical concerns and underscores the importance of mastering prompt crafting to harness the full power of AI in creative fields. After all, we have only started to see what generative AI is capable of now it is up to all of us to both ensure implementation for amplification – and safe practices.

This was it! For now. 😉


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