Important sessions from #WITswe23

Long time, no bragging about our excellent sessions and speakers from our conference. Hence: It’s time again.

Did you, by the way know, you can watch most of the sessions from the conference on YouTube? We have a YouTube channel that sometimes feels like our best kept secret, because we have been generally bad at telling the world about it. Now you know about it, let’s remind ourselves that it exists.

Anyway, here’s two of the most appreciated sessions from #WITswe23. Heavy topics, for sure, but two topics utterly important to talk about and give attention to.


World War 3.0 is Here: Are You Prepared to Fight?

In the digital and globalized society, the face of global conflict and war is rapidly changing. As we continue our attempts to measure the financial impact of cyber crime, we also must acknowledge and quantify the human toll of digital crime globally. Dr. Angel K. Durr aims at helping us better understand how we might overcome the ever expanding global reality of digital crime. It is safe to say she knows a thing or two about cyber crimes, stemming from her unique personal experiences as a data strategist and daughter of an early stage cyber criminal.

Dr. Angel. K. Durr joins us all the way from Texas, USA. And yes, you read that right: She is the daughter of a cyber criminal.

How to Protect Children in a Connected World

Every month Tele2 blocks 350,000 attempts to access Child Sexual Abuse Material online. Together with ECPAT Sweden, a children’s rights organization working to combat the sexual exploitation of children online, Tele2 works proactively with technical solutions to prevent the spreading of this material online. In this session, Tele2 and ECPAT sheds light on their important work – and adds insight about how the tech industry can work together in order to protect children online.


The state of Women in Tech 2023

Come on now, tech industry, how hard can it be? It's time to level up!

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