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In a world of whirlwinds, the tech industry is at the center. Technology is developing at breakneck speed and we are in the lead-up to the next major societal shift. Which roles, skills and people should shape our future services and products? And who is left out?

In 2023, the Swedish tech industry’s contribution to the Swedish economy was at record levels, and is now considered one of Sweden’s most important base industries. As in many industries, there is a crying need for the right skills that must be met with several different measures. In an industry where barely 30 percent are women, it may seem obvious to broaden the competence pool by accelerating the pace of bringing in more women. And yet, there’s a long way to go.

In the midst of a challenging economy, Women in Tech Sweden has more companies than ever that choose to join as partners. Close to 40 of Sweden’s most reputable companies prioritize spending time, commitment and budget on getting more women into the tech industry, and at the same time supporting them to stay and grow.

“It is a statement of strength”, says Åsa Johansen, Director of Women in Tech Sweden. “Our partners prioritize this change on a daily basis and make a real difference. They have seen that teams with high density of perspective build better and smarter services and products. Including diverse perspectives and experiences is critical to meeting the demands of a global customer base and avoiding groupthink. Diversity, equity and inclusion make a difference on the bottom line.”

Together with our committed partners, we create an inclusive and successful future for women and non-binary in tech, where every partner is ready to make a difference in their recruitment, leadership and business every day. Let us hereby proudly present:

The Main Partners 2024

Accenture, EY och Infosys

Co-Creating Partners

ATG, B3 Consulting Group, Bonnier News, CGI, Deloitte, EasyPark Group, Electrolux, EQT, Experis, Folksam, Handelsbanken, Hemnet, Hitachi, HiQ, ICA Gruppen, Kindred Group, Knowit, Nasdaq, Sandvik, Scania, SEB, Siemens, Skandia, Solita, Swedbank, Sylog, Tele2, Tietoevry, Tobii, Vattenfall, Visma, WSP, Xenit

You will meet them all at our main conference in Stockholm on April 17, and throughout the year in various meet-ups and events.

Connect. Create, Innovate, read all about the theme of the conference here.

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Main Partners

Accenture EY Infosys

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