Elin Bäcklund

Elin is the CTO and responsible for the technical innovation and direction at ArK Kapital. Before joining ArK, Elin led the development of Motherbrain, EQT’s machine learning platform trained to identify dark horses before competing firms. As a Full Stack Engineer,...

Lovisa Bergstedt

Skapar möten och event som bygger inkludering, gemenskap och kultur. Hon driver mångfaldsfrågor och arbetar med kompetensutveckling och ansvarar för diverse projekt på Bonnier News.

Vivien Boche

Vivien is a Senior Director at the Center of Excellence for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) in EMEA North at SAP. She provides expert knowledge about extending applications with the SAP business Technology Platform with a particular focus on application...

Annika Borgström

In her 7 years at Tobii, Annika has worked in the Screen Based/PC team with eye tracker features and OEM integrations, and now in the DMS (Driver monitoring system) team. She has 24 years of experience in software development and is passionate about user experience,...

Annika Bäckström

Annika Bäckström is a graphic designer, art director, award winning illustrator and most recently: AI prompt specialist. She has become a power-user of image generating tools like Midjourney and want to share her learnings and philosophy with you.