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08:00 – 09:00

Conference will open

Get in early and kick-start the fun! Doors are wide open, welcoming you to dive into the excitement. It’s the perfect time to mingle with our partners and fellow participants. Who knows? You might just strike up a conversation that sparks a brilliant idea.

08:00 – 08:45

Interview Stage

Start your day with the Directors of Women in Tech Sweden, Åsa Johansen and Elin Eriksson as they give you some sneak peeks into the program and invite guests to the studio.

09:00 – 10:10

Main Stage

Let the event begin! Grab your seat and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of inspiring talks and engaging panels. In this block we explore: Crafting Tech with a Human Essence ⚡️

Aisha Fukushima, International speaker, singer and Founder of Raptivism

Opening music act 🎤 Rise up!

Kickstart the event with electrifying music and empowering lyrics as Aisha Fukushima takes the stage! A performance lecturer, justice strategist, singer/songwriter, and RAPtivist (rap activist), Aisha brings her unique blend of art and activism to inspire change and ignite the spirit of rebellion.


Aisha Fukushima →





Anna Lundqvist, UX Designer & AI Ethics Strategist

⚡️ Is being human enough? The importance of empathy in our digital landscape

At Women in Tech Sweden 2024, Anna will share her insights on ethics in AI, emphasising the importance of defining our humanity in the digital age.


Anna Lundqvist →



Sarah Freiesleben, Emergence & Human centred Techonology Lead at Ramskov Consulting

⚡️The Value of Human “Messiness”

In the tech world, we often refer to automation as the solution to human ‘messiness’. Humans are error prone, filled with biases, forgetful, often worse than algorithms at calculating things, and sometimes difficult to work with. But a key part of being human is our ‘messiness’. Our inner complexity pushes us to learn in relationship with our environment, find truths in context, grow, and improve things. We are consciously aware of being part of something bigger than ourselves and are able to combine morality with knowledge, applying contextual wisdom to our decision making. If we optimize away our messiness, we risk reducing dynamic quality and relinquishing our agency. This talk will dig into the nuance needed in the age of AI to understand where we should optimize for efficiency and where (messy) variety is valuable. This situational clarity can help us develop technology for the right things, in the right way.


Sarah Freiesleben →



Dr. Gissel Velarde, AI Author and a Professor of Artificial Intelligence

⚡️ How to Improve Diversity in the Artificial Era

Gissel Velarde will share her view on why artificial intelligence (AI) is such a relevant topic during this artificial era. She will briefly explain how AI works. Then, she will share her analysis of facts and events that greatly improved our lives with a projection of today’s possibilities. Finally, given the importance of diversity during this technological revolution, she will give six tips for institutions and seven tips for individuals that can help improve diversity during the artificial era for the benefit of all.


Dr. Gissel Velarde →



10:10 – 10:40

Coffee Break

Time to refuel and recharge! Grab a cup of Joe, stretch, and catch up with old friends or make some new ones. After all, great conversations often start over a steaming mug of coffee.

10:15 – 10:40

Interview Stage

Tune in for another engaging session as award-winning visual storyteller, author, and entrepreneur Lola Akinmade meets thought leaders and innovators on the interview stage. Interviewees to be announced soon 👀

10:40 – 12:00

Main Stage

Back to the main event! Get ready for round two of insightful talks and thought-provoking panels. In this block we explore: Connect, Create, and Innovate 💎

Unn Swanström, Principal User Experience Designer at Mojang Studios

💎 Crafting a career in tech

After having moderated the Women in Tech conference five(!) times, Unn Swanström takes the stage this year to share her personal journey. In this candid narrative of struggle, hope, and the pursuit of joy, we might get a new facet of the familiar bubbly persona from previous WIT events. Join us as Unn unveils the challenges and triumphs behind her role in establishing the player onboarding team for one of the most iconic games of all time—Minecraft. Discover how her experiences have shaped her path and find inspiration in her unique perspective on the intersection of technology and creativity.


Unn Swanström →



Lilly Vasanthini, VP and Delivery Head – Eastern Europe, NORDICS and Switzerland, Infosys & Mats Andersson, CMO AT Lefdal Mine

💎 From Cyber Security to Green IT – Integrating Safety and Sustainability into IT Operations with the help of a Norwegian Fjord

Amid today’s most pressing discussions, global cyber security is a crucial concern for both governments and businesses. While achieving safety often means significant energy and infrastructure investment, securing our digital world doesn’t have to compromise sustainability. Join us as we explore a green IT strategy where cyber security and sustainability converge, resulting in one of the most secure and greenest data centres in Europe – in a Norwegian fjord.


Lilly Vasanthini →

Mats Andersson →



Degmo Daar, CEO at Emmstech & DEI consultant

💎 Who are we innovating for?

An exploration of how we can use innovation as a tool for social justice by amplifying marginalized voices and creating sustainable processes and solutions that truly make a difference.


Degmo Daar →



Speakers to be announced!

💎 Panel: Fearless females solving female issues

More information coming soon.

Shaena Harrison Helin, Professional Wing Woman & CEO

💎 Becoming Wing People: How to Elevate Your Networking Efforts

Imagine stepping into a space where networking isn’t just about swapping business cards, but about forging real, meaningful connections. This isn’t your typical approach to meeting professionals; it’s about learning to be the person who not only seeks opportunities but also creates them for others. By becoming a wing person, you’ll transform not just how you network, but how you impact the people around you, turning acquaintances into genuine allies. If you’re ready to change the game and make your networking truly matter, this is where you start. Let’s dive in together and discover how powerful being a wing person can be.


Shaena Harrison →



12:00 – 13:00

Lunch Break

Chow time! Take a break, grab a bite, and relax. Whether you’re craving a gourmet meal or a simple sandwich, now’s your chance to refuel and recharge for the afternoon ahead.

12:05 – 12:50

Interview Stage

Join us during your lunch break for more fascinating discussions with Lola Akinmade and her esteemed guests. Interviewees to be announced soon 👀

13:45 – 14:00

Short Break

Take a breather, grab a coffee-on-the-run, and gear up to find the next focus session.

14:45 – 15:30

Coffee Break

Yes, you guessed it – more coffee! Take a break, recharge your batteries, and maybe even challenge a colleague to a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors. Winner buys the next round of caffeine!

14:50 – 15:20

Interview Stage

Don’t miss the final installment of our exclusive interview series, featuring Lola Akinmade in conversation with some of the most influential voices in tech. Interviewees to be announced soon 👀

15:30 – 17:00

Main Stage

The grand finale! Get ready for the closing act featuring even more captivating talks and electrifying panels. In this exciting section we will cover two blocks: State of the Industry 🎢 and New Age of Learning 🚀

Paulina Modlitba

🎢 We need a new narrative about AI and you are part of it!

The stories about AI tend to be either overwhelming positive or cripplingly dystopian. But in between these two extremes, there are stories that are rarely told. The stories about how AI can make our everyday lives better, and us better as humans. If we want to. These are stories that aren’t written by the few white men who currently dictate the future of AI, but rather by everyone, and makes visible what it means to be human. With both wit and concern, Paulina Modlitba is here to show us how!


Paulina Modlitba ->

Speakers to be announced! 👀

🎢 Panel: What are the opportunities and implications with all these AI tools and developments?

More information coming soon!

Linda U Johansson

🎢 How Spatial Computing transforms our future

Spatial Computing is not a thing, not a place, and it is certainly not a software. It is not a Virtual Reality world either, or something that Meta has come up with. It is when the internet is given a body, and can easily be explained as the next version of the internet. It is all about the experience of data. Linda will explain what it is and show you how it will transform your future.


Linda U Johansson ->

Tove Ågren

🚀 Journey to NASA: Mars Helicopters and Beyond

The first helicopter to fly in space, Ingenuity, changed the way NASA and the world are approaching our continued efforts to learn about our solar system. Join Tove, an early-career NASA engineer hailing from Falun, Sweden, as she recounts the escapades of the first powered aircraft to fly on Mars and expounds on the potential of rotary wing vehicles for extraterrestrial science. Come learn about the challenges of flight on another planet, finding your way at NASA, and pushing the envelope in space exploration.


Tove Ågren ->

Binette Seck

🚀 The Power In Value-Based Learning

Let’s explore the effects of value-based learning through multiple lenses and perspectives. Let’s rewrite the story of innovation and social impact by exploring the often overlooked stories of how to amplify marginalized voices and cultivate sustainable solutions for the betterment of society. Join me as we set out to actively create a better future where every voice is heard and valued.


Binette Seck ->

Speakers to be announced! 👀

🚀 Panel: What’s the tech talent gap in Sweden and how can we fix it?

More information coming soon!

Ida Östensson

🚀 Everything we don’t see – how you are affected by the invisible work at home and at work

What is invisible and non-promotable work in the workplace? How is it an obstacle for equitable opportunities for good health and career development, for women? And what can we do to break the negative patterns and create positive outcomes, for all!


Ida Östensson ->

Aisha Fukushima, International speaker, singer and Founder of Raptivism

Closing music act 🎤💃🏻

End the event on a high note with the soul-stirring melodies and empowering lyrics of Aisha Fukushima’s closing music act!


Aisha Fukushima →




17:00 – 19:00

DJ + Mingle + Soft-drinks + Bar

The party doesn’t stop when the talks end! Groove to the beats of our DJ, mingle with fellow attendees, and enjoy some refreshing soft drinks. Who knows? You might just make a connection that leads to your next big collaboration!

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