Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe to Gender Equity?

AI & Machine Learning

14:00 - 14:45

Location: Main Stage A2

Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe to Gender Equity?

When Artificial Intelligence mimics human thinking patterns, is it also going to mimic our explicit or unconscious gender bias behaviour? Will AI perpatuate the gender equity gap or will it advance the current implicit and explict bias against gender? While many of us may be familiar with the gender bias that has existed in the last 1000+ years, do we know AI enough to understand what its significance in social injustice and discrimination impacts? Christina, who is the CGI Global Head of Artificial Intelligence Enablement, will share the research in this area, risks and benefits of AI in DE&I, what our societies must do, and the roles each individual must play to lead a bias-free AI world in the future. In addition, this session will explore the impacts of AI in the workforce lifecycle and will shape the labour market of women in the future. This will help us fostering important gender equity dialogues in at work.

Speaker: Christina Fung

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