Simran Mohnani

Simran Mohnani

Sustainability & Climate Innovation Manager, Deloitte

Simran is an award-winning Chemical Engineer and
ClimateTech Manager at Deloitte UK. She runs a wide
diversity network at Deloitte, is a World Economic
Forum Global Shaper, One Young World ambassador
and has been named one of the top 100 women in UK
Tech and JCI Malta’s Top 10 under 40 for her work in
changemaking the industry. Sim has always been
passionate about the power of innovation and
bringing it into the hands of everyday people where it
can change lives; from working in cultured meat scale-
up to COVID-vaccine manufacturing and even
chocolate-making! Being one of the few female
engineers on the ground, Sim is passionate about
combatting stereotypes and enabling access to STEM
opportunities regardless of background.

Interview Stage Speaker: 2024

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Ijlal Tahir

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