Margo Georgiadis

Margo Georgiadis

Margo is a Managing Partner at Synetro Group. Most recently, Margo served as the President and CEO of Ancestry where she brought together content, science and technology to transform Ancestry into the global market leader in family history and consumer genomics. Under her leadership, the company scaled to over 3.6M subscribers, 20M consumers in its DNA network, and over $1B in subscription revenue with record setting profitability and cash flow. Margo also spent nine years at Google as the President of Americas and Vice President of Global Operations, leading the hyperscaling of commercial operations and advertising sales across all digital solutions including search, mobile, video, shopping, commerce, and platforms. In addition, she has served as the CEO of Mattel, the COO of Groupon, EVP of US Card Services and CMO of Discover Financial Services, and as a partner at McKinsey in London and Chicago.

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