Linda Haraké

Linda Haraké

Linda Haraké is responsible for Sustainability in the Product and Business Development within Handelsbanken Savings & Pension. A position that gives a broad platform to integrate and promote sustainability in our everyday savings business and asset management.

Creative and impatient are words that describe me. I believe that “sustainable by default” is the fastest way forward and digital transformation is one key to being successful with business development”.

Linda has held several previous positions in Handelsbanken, among others Head of Sustainability and Communications at Handelsbanken Liv. In 2020 she was instrumental in setting one of Handelsbanken’s sustainability goals regarding Financial Equality in Advisory services, putting the importance of gender equality in pension savings into focus. Financial independence is vital to every women’s economic future. Economic empowerment and financial inclusion means that we need to raise awareness regarding the decisions in everyday life that can impact future financial status.

At Handelsbanken we aim to reduce the gender savings gap by promoting financial independence. We can make a difference by developing products and services that contribute to a sustainable financial future for all our clients, regardless of gender.

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