Lillemor Ehrner

Lillemor Ehrner

DevOps Tribe Lead

Lillemor Ehrner, If Insurance’s DevOps Tribe Lead, is an experienced IT professional with a focus on technology and development practices. Currently serving as Tribe Lead and Tribe Tech Lead for the Engineering Enabler in If insurance, Lillemor showcases leadership and a commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment.

Beyond the tech world, Lillemor is an avid sailing enthusiast, navigating the seas in sailing boats during her spare time. Her passion for sailing mirrors her appreciation for challenges, adaptability, and the dynamic nature of both technology and open waters. With a dedication to continuous improvement, Lillemor brings a wealth of experience to If Insurance.

Focus Session Speaker: 2024

Kejsi Gjordeni

Att skydda Det Fria Ordet

Inclusion through technology - an interactive focus session

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Accenture EY Infosys

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