Faisa Abdi

Faisa Abdi

Faisa is a young woman driven by networking, business, and development. Other people are often telling me that she spreads joy around her and that she is an independent and brave woman. Faisa is passionate about diversity, sustainability work, and people’s equal value. In addition, I also enjoy elevating others.

Faisa was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and came as a young kid to Örebro, Sweden. Together with two other
east Africans she started QC Renewable Energy, a company active both in Sweden and East Africa. The goal is to implement sustainable solutions in the civil society and the energy industry, with extra care for energy efficiency, solar energy, and waste management.

Watch Faisa’s 2022 speech here

Unlocking the secrets to Innovative products and leadership

From Cyber Security to Green IT – Integrating Safety and Sustainability into IT Operations with the help of a Norwegian Fjord

General Manager, Columbia Road AB

Victoria Berger Blom

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