Elisa Perini

Elisa Perini

.NET Developer

Elisa Perini, a dynamic .Net developer at If Insurance, brings a unique blend of technology and sports expertise to the team. Hailing from Switzerland, Elisa’s educational journey includes a BSc in Health Sciences and Technology from ETHZ Zürich, followed by an MSc in Sports Technology from KTH. Her passion for software development evolved progressively, marked by courses and experiences that solidified her love for coding.

Elisa joined If Insurance’s trainee program as a fresh graduate, providing a soft landing into the professional world. With a background in app development and occasional coaching, she confirmed her dedication to software development. Formerly an elite biathlete, Elisa’s sports background offers insights into resilience and balance. Beyond coding, she enjoys sharing her experiences, including overcoming overtraining and discusses the intersection of sports and studies.

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Cybersecurity – Past, present and Skynet

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