Degmo Daar

Degmo Daar

CEO at Emmstech & DEI consultant

Degmo Daar is the Founder of NoorD Consulting and CEO of EmmsTech, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women of color in the technology sector. With a marketing, Innovation, and creative strategy background, Degmo is deeply engaged as a DEI consultant, leveraging her expertise to foster diversity, equality, and inclusion within the tech industry and beyond.

At EmmsTech, Degmo focuses on providing resources, access, and a supportive community to empower women of color to thrive in tech. Her work is driven by a passion for inclusive design and the belief that diversity and equality go beyond ethical necessities to being key drivers of business growth and innovation.

As a seasoned speaker, Degmo challenges conventional norms and advocates for transformative change. Her leadership style is characterized by a commitment to social justice and equality, aiming to reshape business, tech, and societal cultures to be more inclusive and impactful.

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