Mahan Moin

Speaker: 2023

Mahan is a Persian/ Swedish artist that hit famous because of her contribution in the Persian version of Idol and came 3rd. Around 55 million viewers spread all over the world, not only Persian people but also Kurdish, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenian, Tadzhikistans followed the show.

Mahan was one of the contestants in Swedish Melodifestivalen 2014, with her own song ALEO.

Mahan has together with a Polish Dj released a few songs that sold double platinum etc and she was also one of the songwriters for the Polish contribution for Eurovision 2018 with their song Light Me up.

As a songwriter and a publisher she had many songs involved in different preselections and in Europe for Eurovision and also Eurovision ; Lithuania, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Malta, Poland etc.

When the female revolution started in September 2022 Mahan felt that she understood why she even started with making music in the first place. And it was to make a difference in the world. To spread love and solidarity. She released 5 songs during this time, most of them in Persian but one of them was the Grammy awarded song “Baraye” who has been the anthem for this revolution that Mahan translated and remade it in English, it’s called “Woman Life Freedom”.

Her passion and work will continue to spread love and knowledge about human rights.