Charging Towards the Future
Åsa Zetterberg, Ariella Rotstein Gille, Charlotta Kvarnström

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Åsa Zetterberg, the Managing Director of TechSverige, highlights the crucial role of the tech industry in the Swedish economy and its potential in solving some of the most pressing worldwide issues, such healthcare and climate change. However, the industry is facing significant challenges, including increasing competition and a shortage of skilled workers, hindering growth and progress. During her speech, Åsa will emphasize the importance of creating a welcoming work environment that prioritizes inclusion and gender equality to attract and retain top talent. By doing so, companies can address the skill shortage in the tech industry while promoting diversity and innovation. PANEL Ariella Rotstein Gille, Co-lead ICAx Åsa Zetterberg, Managing Director, TechSverige Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner and Nordics TMT Market Segment Leader, EY

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