Ticket FAQ for #WITswe2024

You have read the news, Women in Tech Sweden have decided to try a new way to distribute the tickets to our big conference.  Here’s what you need to know.

Enter The Raffle here


How can I get a ticket?

  1. Don’t Panic. This time, it’s not a race game, but a game of chance.
  2. Make sure that you are a member here at womenintech.se
  3. Join the Ticket Raffle in The Enrollment form
  4. Wait for the sorting hat to work its magic…
  5. Check your inbox on February 16 from 1.00 pm


When will I know if I got a ticket?

On February 16 from 1.00 pm it’s time to check your inbox.


How will I know if I got a ticket?

Check your inbox on February 16 from 1.00 pm. That’s when we start sending out the confirmations to the lucky winners of The Raffle, and a notification to those who didn’t get at ticket that they are on the waitlist.


I haven’t received an email with a link to register, plz advice.

In the old days, we sent personal emails to members for ticket registrations. in 2024, we’re trying something new. Just click the link at the top of this page to start the process of entering The Raffle.


Are the tickets really free?

Yes! Thanks to the support from our ah-mazing partners!


Does everyone have a chance to get a ticket?

Yes, there is a chance, but no guarantee as we have more members than seats. However, with this new way to first register your interest for the conference and than take part in a raffle – the chance for a ticket is more fair than the former “first come, first served” practice.

As long as you have entered The Raffle by submitting The Enrollment Form you are on the list for the random distribution of tickets to the conference. On February 16, between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, our system will randomly select the lucky folks who get a seat. Everyone who’s listed themselves in The Enrollment will get an e-mail on February 16, from 1.00 pm, where it states whether you got a ticket are if you are on the waitlist.

Submitting The Enrollment Form does not guarantee you a ticket to the conference.  


How does it work?
Easy as 1-2-3, plz.

1. Be a Member: We love to see how this incredible community grows!

2. Join the Raffle: We’ve ditched the race and embraced the raffle. Simply fill out a form, and we’ll do the rest. No need to be the first to refresh –it will be open for new entries until the 16th February. 

3. Cross Your Fingers: Once you’ve entered, it’s time for the nerve-wracking part – waiting until February 16. Our system will randomly select lucky winners who gets a seat, and if you’re one of them, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable day!


I got the message “The email address has already been used for another booking. Please provide a unique email address.” What happened?

Your email address has already been registered in The Enrollment Form. Check your inbox, including the spam inbox for an email from the sender Women in Tech Sweden using the email address  noreply@event.trippus.com. The Trippus ticketing system is based on being a member at womenintech.se and using the unique email addresses that’s associated with the membership.


I reached a waiting screen, what’s happening?

Don’t panic. In case of high load of requests against the Trippus servers, you will meet a waiting screen before you are sent to The Enrollment Form. This gate keeper helps us limit the number of registrations per minute to secure the performance. And remember, there’s no que advantage. As long as you register before the raffle on February 16, you are in the running of getting a ticket.


How can I be sure that my enrollment was accepted?

You will get a confirmation message on the screen after submitting the form AND an email with the same confirmation. Check your inbox – and possibly also the SPAM inbox – for an email from sender Women in Tech Sweden using the address noreply@event.trippus.com.


How does it work? In details, plz.

  1. First, we check with the membership database in Salesforce to see if you are already a member.
    1. If you are not, you will be prompted to join as a member, and after signing up as a member you’ll get through to The Enrollment form.
    2. If you are, you’ll get through to The Enrollment Form.
  2. The Enrollment Form is embedded on our website. It will be pre-populated with your membership e-mail address. The form and the query to open the form is processed and provided by our ticketing partner Trippus.
    1. In case of high load of requests against the Trippus servers, you will meet a waiting screen before you are sent to The Enrollment Form. Don’t panic. There’s no que advantage here. Everyone who enrolls will be part of the the raffle on February 16. Just wait, or come back later.
  3.  Submit your details in The Enrollment form. This is data that we need from you to create a great vibe at the conference, and to make sure we serve food you can eat.
  4. After submitting, you will get a confirmation on the screen AND an email that confirms your enrollment. The email comes from the sender Women in Tech Sweden using the adress noreply@event.trippus.com.
  5. The website is built on a WordPress platform in collaboration with our web partner Ohmy, and they are also hosting it for us. We cranking up the server capacity with an auto scaling that, depending on the load, varies between 0.5 and 64 (!) ACU:s. Most likely we’ll need 1-2 ACU:s but we really want to be prepared.
  6. We expect to have a lot of visitors on the website in the beginning of the process and also in the very end. Every finger in the team will be crossed so hard to make this work, that we might not be able to answer e-mails in the inbox as promptly as we would like.
  7. On February 16, we will temporarily close the possibility to join as a member as well as The Enrollment form. There content freeze lasts between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, while we let our system randomly select the lucky folks who get a seat.
  8. Everyone who’s listed in The Enrollment will get an e-mail on February 16, starting at 1.00 pm, where it states whether you got a ticket are if you are on the waitlist. This means – check your inbox. 


Why did you change the process?

We have more members than tickets to the main conference. We want to find a more fair way to distribute the spots to the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, and that’s why we are ditching the concept of “first come, first served”. That model kind of turned into a lottery, but based on who where lucky enough to get through to the servers before they broke down. And so many people didn’t event get the chance to enter the race. This time, we’re making the sign-in process longer, and when we’re closing the lists on February 16, our system will randomly select the people who will get tickets.


What happens after February 16?

You can still sign up as a member, and it will be possible to enter the waitlist to the conference. Every Friday leading up to the event on April 17, we’ll be hosting additional raffle drawings. When ticket holders cancel tickets, spots will become available and those will be randomly distributed to the waitlist.


Will the conference be live-streamed?

Yes! Everything happening on the Main Stage and all the Focus Sessions will be live-streamed here on the website. There will also be web-exclusive interviews.


Is there a fee for not showing up? What is the no-show fee?

Yes. You will be charged a no-show fee of 300 SEK if you have ticket but don’t attend. This fee can be avoided by cancelling your ticket no later than at 12:00 CEST on the 16th of April.

If you are not going to attend the event, please cancel your ticket as soon as possible so that we can ensure that the ticket is sent back into the magic sorting hat and distributed to one of the members on our waiting list.


Are men welcome?

Yes! People of all genders are welcome as members, to the conference and to our events and meet-ups. Be open-minded, be curious, listen and learn. We need to work together to create real change in the industry.


Need more help?

You can reach us on the inbox of info (a) womenintech.se. Please note that the response times may vary. We’re a small team. And as long as you’ve enrolled in The Raffle before February 16 at 10.00, you are in the running towards a ticket in the very first Women in Tech Ticket Raffle.

General inquiries:


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Elin Eriksson

Creative director and curator


Annsi Krol

Business development


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