On 29 January we welcome you to our Women In Tech (WIT) 2020 pre-event, where we will discuss latest findings in Artificial Intelligence and its legal and ethical aspects. You will also learn the latest news on the main WIT event and how to get a ticket.

We will be joined by Kirsty Fitzgibbon at Ericsson to discuss new findings and use cases in AI. Anna Byström from EY will dig deeper into the ethical and legal aspects of AI that need to be considered before implementing an AI enabled system. Finally, Paulina Modlitba and Elin Eriksson from Women In Tech will join us to share news on the upcoming WIT 2020 event and its ticket release. The meetup will be moderated by Marie Fossum Strannegård and Eva Sparr Ridenfeldt from EY.

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Åsa Johansen



Elin Eriksson

Creative director and curator


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