How intelligent automation is changing the way we work

Partner: Roboyo | Room: R24

As experts in the Intelligent Automation field, we use innovative technology to solve the most business-critical of problems. In this session, we will explore the diverse ways Intelligent Automation is driving digital transformation and changing the way we work.

Using our real-world experience and expertise, we will explore these issues and share our insight to help drive your digital transformation forward for greater efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Session Key Takeaways:
• Taking your digital transformation to the Next Level – what Intelligent Automation can do for your business regardless of your automation stage and explore the benefits of a value-driven tech ecosystem
• The future of work – how organizations can survive, adapt and thrive –
6 actions you can do today to get started with changing the way we work

This session is for you if… You’re seeking a competitive, cultural or cost advantage for your business, by enhancing your business readiness for the future digital transformation. Maybe you hold a role within Business Development, Process Management, Operational Excellence, Head of Emerging Technologies, or just find Intelligent Automation interesting.