Cecilia Johansson

Cecilia Johansson

Cecilia identifies as a women in the early phases of her career, that has lived and worked in nine countries ranging from, Sweden, the UK, Poland, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, US to China. She started her career working with management consulting and the public sector. Since then she has moved towards working closer with tech, an area, which she believes has the greatest capability to make an impact on society, and at the fastest pace.

Cecilia is still finding and incorporating her style of leadership, she currently works at Volvo Cars as a Product Manager, after most recently having moved over from the Open Innovation Arena team, part of Volvo Cars’ R&D department. She has built her career with the aim of being a leader that always incorporates her passion for innovation and asking herself “why” and “how” what she is doing will have a social and civic impact.

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