We want to wish you welcome to WIT partner meet-up with SEB and Nasdaq! After a great summer we would like to kick the fall off with an inspiring breakfast with hot topics discussed within the financial industry.

Come and listen to Hanna Hultin, SEB’s first industrial Ph.D. candidate in WASP, presenting her cutting edge research on machine learning in algorithmic trading. In collaboration with KTH Hanna Hultin is working on a research project where she is studying how generative models can be used with the aid of deep learning to take the next step in algorithmic trading.

In this session we will also introduce you to one of Nasdaq’s experienced Software Engineers, Daniel Nassab, who will talk about data democratizing in the age of AI and the importance on sharing our datasets and knowledge in order to further enhance and develop our future products. Daniel is a highly recognized Developer at Nasdaq working with Machine Learning, Blockchain and other technologies.

08.00-08.30 Doors open, breakfast is served and mingle with WIT friends
08.30-09.30 Presentation about AI cutting edge research and Data Democratizing in the age of AI
09.30-10.00 Mingle and wrap-up

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Åsa Johansen



Elin Eriksson

Creative director and curator


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