It’s easy and fun to build websites that create a great customer experience and include visitors instead of excluding them. While doing the opposite can have direct consequences on both business and society.

During the past decade there’s been a major shift where business, information and services are now completely online. Whether it’s shopping, accessing vital information or booking a doctor’s appointment, it can all be done on the web. But how adapted are websites to human perception and how much are we adjusting the technology?

Creating websites while considering accessibility does not only create a better customer experience, it gives you great business opportunities and makes the digital landscape more inclusive for everyone. According to the World Health Organisation, 10-15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. That’s a lot of people experiencing difficulties while using services or accessing information!

Join Maria Wallenthin, Technical Project Manager at Visma in this meetup to go deeper in to the topic of web accessibility and learn what steps to take to create great customer experiences online and an inclusive digital landscape!

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