Scania joins Women in Tech to host a meetup that will be all about digitalisation and how to adapt.

At this meetup we hope that you’ll join us to clarify what digitalisation actually means. We’ll bring you along with us on our digitalisation journey, and we’ll let you in on how Scania uses technology to adapt to the era of digitalisation.

Karin Gustafsson and Mikael Billström will take you through Scania’s digital acceleration journey. They will provide examples of the opportunities that digitalisation brings, and explain how Scania plans to capture them.

Adela Åberg and Annette Hultåker will share their experiences from the New Technology and Advanced Analytics teams. They will talk about the opportunities and challenges found in digital acceleration at Scania. They will also give you an overview of some of the technical aspects including RPA, Chatbots, machine learning, and data quality, as well as share thoughts on how to build a competent organisation.

Hope you’ll join us for an evening full of inspiring Women in Tech!
(Psst… just so you know, we offer round trip transport from Stockholm to Södertälje)

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Åsa Johansen


Elin Eriksson

Creative director and curator

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