WIT Girls

Women In Tech want to give all young girls the chance to discover the amazing world of tech! The initiative WIT Girls is a collaboration with the non-profit organization Hello World!, giving young girls the opportunity to discover tech through a scholarship program.

Each WIT Girl gets one free week at Hello World! Camp in Stockholm, Gothenburg or South, followed by one year of free meetups which are hosted at different IT and tech companies.
For the upcoming #WITsthlm2020 conference, we have teamed up to create a special partnership package to encourage more girls to discover the opportunities within tech. Check out the Digital Stars Ticket Partnership here!
Do you know a future digital star? Encourage then to apply to the Scholarship program or to sign up to Hello World! Camp.

For more information contact:

Maria Arneng, Secretary General, HelloWorld! at maria.arneng@helloworld.se or
Sara Danielsson, COO, Hello World! sara.danielsson@helloworld.se