13:00-13:45 FOCUS SESSION

How to enable a regenerative future through shifting our minds

Partner: CGI

Many Industries are urgently looking to innovation and technology to enable their sustainable transition. Hanne Hed and Rut Meyersson are both consultants working with different forms of business transformation for sustainability. However, they argue that the most important innovation, is changing how we think and what we strive for. During their session they will give insight into topics they often speak about in their roles and what allows them to be stubborn optimists. The session aims to inspire you to push for change in new ways.

Speakers: Hanne Hed, Rut Meyersson

14:00-14:45 FOCUS SESSION

Safety in the era of software-defined cars

Partner: Zenseact

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant revolution, and cutting-edge software is playing a critical role in driving this change. The successful implementation of safe autonomous vehicles hinges heavily on using advanced technology, and in this dynamic environment, Zenseact plays a crucial role. This is exemplified by the significant investment made by our parent company, Volvo Cars, in the most advanced car safety technology available, emphasizing Zenseact’s strategic position in the industry.

So join Ödgärd Andersson, CEO of Zenseact, for a session where she will shed light on the AI company’s critical role in the next generation of car safety technology. With semi or fully-autonomous cars, the software can control virtually anything, from vision and perception to steering and braking, to avoid accidents and provide drivers with a more comfortable ride. Ödgärd will outline how Zenseact achieves this by striking the right balance between deep learning, software engineering, and the need for a diverse company culture.

Speaker: Ödgärd Andersson