13:00-13:45 FOCUS SESSION

My Career as a Multifaceted Weirdo

Partner: IF

A personal and unfiltered retelling of Thea’s journey both in terms of self-discovery and career, as well as how the two intertwine and catalyze each other further. In this session you’ll hear about her evolution from techy kid to tech support specialist to developer to accessibility champion, and possibly learn a few things about how to approach and improve digital accessibility. The session will deal with topics such as queerness/diversity, disability/accessibility and the trans experience.

Speaker: Thea Walther

14:00-14:45 FOCUS SESSION

How intelligent automation is changing the way we work

Partner: Roboyo

As experts in the Intelligent Automation field, we use innovative technology to solve the most business-critical of problems. In this session, we will explore the diverse ways Intelligent Automation is driving digital transformation and changing the way we work.

Using our real-world experience and expertise, we will explore these issues and share our insight to help drive your digital transformation forward for greater efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Session Key Takeaways:
• Taking your digital transformation to the Next Level – what Intelligent Automation can do for your business regardless of your automation stage and explore the benefits of a value-driven tech ecosystem
• The future of work – how organizations can survive, adapt and thrive –
6 actions you can do today to get started with changing the way we work

This session is for you if… You’re seeking a competitive, cultural or cost advantage for your business, by enhancing your business readiness for the future digital transformation. Maybe you hold a role within Business Development, Process Management, Operational Excellence, Head of Emerging Technologies, or just find Intelligent Automation interesting.

Speakers: Cecilia Clinch. Susanna Hellström Gefwert