Explore your learnability and learn why we should “Fail fast, fail good”

Scania, together with Women in Tech, is hosting an inspiring meet-up; where we will start off by talking about how and why we should fail fast and fail good. In the second session we will focus on Learnability and Growth Mindset with some interactive parts.

During session 1 you will meet Marianna Suave, UX-designer at Scania who will focus on how Design principles and Lean Start-Up mindset can change the way we build solutions and how we create products that our customers will fall in love with.

As technology keeps changing the world, what will define our success in career might not be what we know, but our ability to learn and adapt. During our second session you will meet Anna Buckhöj who is working as an organizational consultant working as Learning Expert at Scania Academy, will be talking about Learnability; which has been called the must-have characteristic of the future.

Hope that you will join us online for a digital event full of inspiring Women In Tech!

Location: Online/Digital

Date: 2020-10-23
Time: 10 am - 12 noon

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