A smart, personalized and safe customer experience using data analytics

Partner - ICA Gruppen AB

ICA Gruppen, with its subsidiaries in retail, banking, insurance, real estate and pharma, holds large amounts of data about our ... Read more

Att skydda Det Fria Ordet

Partner - Bonnier News AB

Med över 2 000 journalister, 200 varumärken och en publik bestående av sex miljoner läsare i Sverige är Bonnier News en aktör som både ... Read more

From outsourced code factory to in-house revenue machine!

Partner - Tre

In 2019 Tre Online was an outsourced EpiServer build with poor performance due to heavy logic frontend. During high load, like the ... Read more

How do you future-proof your product development?

Partner - Visma

How do we develop great products? We have to listen to our users, but you can do that in different ways. Learn what measurements, ... Read more

How to enable a regenerative future through shifting our minds

Partner - CGI

Many Industries are urgently looking to innovation and technology to enable their sustainable transition. Hanne Hed and Rut Meyersson ... Read more

How will the Metaverse affect our skills, work and experience

Partner - Accenture

In this session we will dive into the emerging technology trends relating to the metaverse and XR and discuss how these will impact ... Read more

Hur får vi fler män att engagera sig i arbetet med och för jämställdhet?

Partner - Dell

Kom och lyssna till Stefan Alariksson, VD på Dell Technologies i Sverige, om hur de arbetar med dessa frågor. Under de 30 år som ... Read more

Leading Fearlessly: Breaking Barriers and Navigating Complex Environments

Partner - Infosys

Join us for an empowering panel featuring trailblazing women who have broken down barriers and risen to leadership positions in their ... Read more

My Career as a Multifaceted Weirdo

Partner - IF

A personal and unfiltered retelling of Thea's journey both in terms of self-discovery and career, as well as how the two intertwine ... Read more

Supercharge your job search and internal mobility

Partner - Schibsted

Réka dives into 3 behaviours in different stages of a job search and shares a hiring manager's view on application, knowledge, ... Read more

Unlocking the secrets to Innovative products and leadership

Partner - ASSA ABLOY

The ASSA ABLOY product: developed for the hospitality business, used in hotels all over the world and protected by 9 patents! How ... Read more


Accenture Life Trends

Partner - Accenture

This year, people are seeking ways to adapt in an uncertain world. Emerging technologies are giving control to people, with ... Read more

How intelligent automation is changing the way we work

Partner - Roboyo

As experts in the Intelligent Automation field, we use innovative technology to solve the most business-critical of problems. In this ... Read more

How to protect children in a connected world

Partner - Tele2

Every month Tele2 blocks 350,000 attempts to access Child Sexual Abuse Material online. Together with ECPAT Sweden, a children’s ... Read more

Keeping the software development on par with the technological evolution

Partner - Swedbank

Whether we want it or not we are all facing a rapid technology evolution. The struggle of adapting our IT-landscape to this evolution ... Read more

Progression, not perfection

Partner - Volvo Cars

Do a perfect job. Find the perfect solution. Be the perfect woman. Unfortunately, perfection doesn’t exist. So what if we changed ... Read more

Safety in the era of software-defined cars

Partner - Zenseact

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant revolution, and cutting-edge software is playing a critical role in driving this ... Read more

Say Hi to Diversometer!

Partner - Scania

Do all of your colleagues like unicorns, or go to the same gym? What if you could have a way of displaying different interests or ... Read more

Tech and connectivity as critical enablers for a preferable future – and how to change behaviors and act

Partner - EY

To address the global sustainability challenges is more urgent than ever. In this session, we´ll explore how tech and connectivity can ... Read more

Tech ethics for good – why should you care?

Partner - Tietoevry

At Tietoevry we create purposeful technology, but what does that mean in practice? During this session we will highlight how you can ... Read more

Unleash the power of data

Partner - Electrolux

Data is everywhere – and you can use it to advance your career, no matter your field. Find out from our experts about how we're using ... Read more

We save lives on the roads!

Partner - Tobii AB

Tobii Automotive creates software that will save lives on the roads. Your eyes will tell us whether you should sit behind the steering ... Read more