25. Operationalizing Supply Chain Regulations for Environmental, Social, and Governance Purposes (VIRTUAL ONLY!)

Partner: Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service | Room:

On top of everything else, the world currently has an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) visibility crisis. Today, over 90% of companies have only up to tier 1 ESG visibility, and less than 10% have up to tier 3 visibility into their supply chains. This limited visibility is sometimes weeks or months after events occur with no way to head off issues. Also, 30% of supply chains report counterfeit materials due to insufficient governance. So, companies don’t know whether their supply chains have deep risks such as harmful chemicals, child labor, modern slavery, plastics pollution, deforestation or conflict financing and they want to know and manage them. We will discuss a new class of cross-enterprise technology application that helps organizations and governments operationalize supply chain policy and laws to more deeply address wicked ESG issues.

Speaker:  Dr. Dawn Jutla