23. Level up with Salesforce – How you build and empower your personal brand

Partner: Salesforce | Room:

Your professional brand is a combination of your skill set, competence, and how you are perceived. Being self aware and intentional about your brand matters for everyone in the tech industry. However, it often carries more weight for women in tech who face the additional challenges of working under stereotypes, biases, and leadership gaps. In this focus session we will discuss how women in tech can leverage their unique personal brand to meet their professional goals. Join us “Behind the scenes”, with women from the ecosystem of the world’s most innovative tech company – Salesforce! Get inspired by our amazing women that will share their career path and how to build and empower your personal brand. After the breakout, you will have the possibility to meet the women in the panel and learn more about how to blaze your trail. Warm welcome!

Speakers: Mariana McEvoy, Senior Partner Manager Salesforce; Sofia Larsson, Senior Client SE Salesforce; Christina Widing Senior Solution Engineer Salesforce; Linda Borelius, Chief Partners Officer Solita