14. Closing the STEM-gap: A collective responsibility for equality and inclusion

Partner: EY | Room:

In the age of digitalization, the need for STEM-professionals is greater than ever and will constantly increase. At the same time, the percentage of women graduating from STEM-educations and working within the field is disproportionally low. When technical competence becomes increasingly important in all parts of our society, this means a democracy problem. Together with well-known STEM advocates we’ll discuss how we can reverse the trend. Furthermore, we’ll share some recent insights about the positive effects of a diverse and inclusive society and workplace.

Speakers: Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner and EY Nordics Telecommunications, Media and Technology Consulting Sector Lead at EY; Lisa Henning, Senior Management Consultant within People Advisory at EY; Vanja Tufvesson, Co Founder of Pink Programming; Madelen Rundin Geuken, Manager at EY Consulting; Pernilla Larsson, Consultant at EY Consulting, Ingrid Bojner, Acting CEO Storytel