4. Metaverse x Fashion – Navigating the Metaverse sustainably & responsibly with examples from the fashion industry

Partner: Accenture | Room:

The Metaverse – a trendy hype to let pass by, or the future you need to start building for today? With the application of new concepts and capabilities to create innovative, immersive experiences for customers, the Fashion industry stands out as a contender for the latter scenario. And we believe that over the next decade, we will witness a complete transformation of nearly every environment in which companies do business. Yet, for most of us, the Metaverse as a concept is difficult to grasp and with it, there are many things to consider in order to ensure it is developed and stays responsible and sustainable. Join us behind the scenes of Accenture’s latest thinking on the Metaverse (TechVision 22 report), including discussions on how to realize its potential and how to navigate it responsibly, as exemplified through real-world examples within the fashion industry.

Speakers: Olivia Johansson, Technology Strategy Consultant Accenture; Sara Rahiminejad, Technology Strategy Consultant Accenture; Therese Nilsson – Technology Strategy Consultant, Accenture