Accenture Life Trends

Partner: Accenture | Room: C4

This year, people are seeking ways to adapt in an uncertain world.

Emerging technologies are giving control to people, with never-before-seen outcomes for businesses and individuals.

Artificial intelligence (AI) lets people express their natural creativity, Web3 offers the chance to help shape the brands they love, and tokenization may soon hand them full control over their personal data.

These seemingly small shifts in control will alter power dynamics on a systemic level. Business leaders must wonder: How much of themselves will customers be willing to give to brands? How will brands build trust and use new technologies for growth?

Building on the 15-year legacy of Fjord Trends, this report—Accenture Life Trends 2023—has the same inspiring content. This year’s report is rooted in life centricity and examines the ways in which people are adapting their lives and making use of emerging technology to meet their changing needs.

We’ve identified five emerging trends that will alter the power dynamic between brands and customers in the coming 12 months and beyond.