17. Improving mental health through online gaming

Partner: Accenture | Room:

For hundreds of millions of children across the globe, the online world has become as natural a part of their childhood as their physical spaces. It’s a magical place where the possibilities are next to endless and the opportunities for positive impact are tremendous. Gaming platforms have become a vital part to this online world and have in large part taken on the role that playgrounds used to have when we grew up. But with each new technology comes opportunities as well as challenges. Online gaming has problems with toxicity and disruptive behaviors that affects everyone involved negatively. Children are telling us this is one of their biggest issues in their digital lives and expect the adult world to do something about it. The ways we’re used to work to create safeguards and promote a positive experience aren’t working. We need new approaches. In this session, we will look at what it would take to keep children safe and prosper in an online world, and how technology can play a key role in that quest. Taking a collective impact approach, Save the Children are gathering stakeholders across the ecosystem to jointly innovate for a future where children are getting the support they need and securing that online gaming is a positive experience for all. Join this panel discussion to get inspired on how we can improve online gaming by improving children’s mental health!

Speakers: Line Boisen Petersen, Future Tech Lead Denmark and Technology Strategist, Accenture; Nichlas Hellmark, Gaming lead Save the Children; Katharina Schmidt, Nordic Gaming and Innovation Specialist, Accenture; Ola Mattsson, Growth Hub Director, Save the Children Sweden; Jennie Perzon, PhD Stockholm School of Economics/Principal Director, Accenture