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Woman, Life, Freedom
Mahan Moin, Artist
With the women’s revolution in Iran in recent months, Mahan has regained her reasons for starting as an artist. To be a channel to spread love with her songs, touch and spread knowledge about human rights. This song is my own interpretation of the original song “Baraye” which won the Grammy for best song for “social change”. It has been played and sung since the first week of the revolution and among all the 100s of demonstrations that have taken place since then.

My Hand in Mine
Atefeh Sebdani, Writer, Leader, Techie
Atefeh was 5 when she was separated from her parents to escape war. She came to Sweden and grew up in a foster family. Her childhood was all about survival. From surviving to thriving; today she has a successful career within tech including Microsoft and Capgemini in her CV. But her proudest moment was when Swedens’ largest publisher contacted her to fulfil a dream.

Programmed Inequality
Mar Hicks, Author, Historian and Professor
This talk looks at labor and gender in computing’s history, and explains why understanding this history is still important to current practitioners in computing fields. Using the British and U.S. contexts as examples, the talk explores why we might need to rethink current discourses of “diversity in tech” in order to place more emphasis on undoing historical, systemic harms, both inside and outside of tech.

Charging Towards the Future

The State of the Swedish Tech Industry
Åsa Zetterberg, Managing Director at TechSverige
Åsa Zetterberg, the Managing Director of TechSverige, highlights the crucial role of the tech industry in the Swedish economy and its potential in solving some of the most pressing worldwide issues, such healthcare and climate change. However, the industry is facing significant challenges, including increasing competition and a shortage of skilled workers, hindering growth and progress. During her speech, Åsa will emphasize the importance of creating a welcoming work environment that prioritizes inclusion and gender equality to attract and retain top talent. By doing so, companies can address the skill shortage in the tech industry while promoting diversity and innovation.

Ariella Rotstein Gille, Co-lead ICAx
Åsa Zetterberg, Managing Director, TechSverige
Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner and Nordics TMT Market Segment Leader, EY

Share Your Passion: Diversity in Open Source projects
Lightning Talk from member Regina Nkemchor, Software Engineer

Tove Noorjahaan Dalenius, Holography Artist, Researcher and Lecturer
The groundbreaking full-parallax art hologram ‘Emergence’ shows the full and significant extent of the clitoris within a body for the very first time.


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10:45 – 12:00  |  Main Stage

Ready to Raise – Cyber Security Awareness

World War 3.0 is Here: Are You Prepared to Fight?
Dr. Angel K. Durr, Researcher, Consultant, and Professor
In the digital and globalized society, the face of global conflict and war is changing.  As we attempt to measure the financial impact of cybercrime, we also must acknowledge and quantify the human toll of digital crime globally. With her unique personal experiences as a data strategist and daughter of an early stage cyber criminal, Dr. Angel K. Durr aims at helping us better understand how we might overcome the ever expanding global reality of digital crime.

Awareness – How to stay on top on your IT security awareness
Sanne Femling, IT Security Officer, Resurs
No one has missed that we have a very serious security situation in the world right now. The criminals use social engineering as a method to get access to our organizations. We need to train our staff regarding this through education and awareness, and maybe right now more than ever before.

Share your passion: Stories from the tech industry during war
Lightning Talk from member Nataliya Stoyanovych, Head of Business Design

Supercharged for a Green Society

Maha Bouzeid, Investor, Board Member & Impact Maker
Within a generation, we must rid our societies of fossil fuels. The technologies of the past, simply cannot power the future. Why should we be excited about this change? And what could be your role in the transition and how can I contribute?

Johanna Lakso, CEO, Power Circle
Yvonne Ruwaida, Business Strategist, Vattenfall
Maha Bouzeid, Investor, Board Member & Impact Maker

Ready to Race
Lightning Talk from Milla Sjöstrand, Racing Driver


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15:30 – 17:00  |  Main Stage

Building Trust in Times of Change
Karin Zingmark, Author, Board Member & Investor
Navigating change is all about eliminating fears and creating a strong foundation of trust. But how? And where do we even start? Understanding the neuroscience of trust will enable you and your team to adapt, overcome challenges and build resilience in complex and uncertain times.

Share your passion: Hustling for a healthier tech world
Lightning Talk from member Stephanie Darvill, Cofounder & COO, Business Strategist and Market Researcher

Low-code / No code
Vivien Boche, Senior Director – SAP BTP Center of Excellence, EMEA North
Low Code/No Code (LCNC) is a disruptive technology that allows businesses to develop software applications with little to no coding experience. In this event, we’ll cover the basics of LCNC, its market, and the benefits it provides to businesses Attendees will discover how LCNC can drive innovation, including real-world examples of a company that used it to streamline operations and improve employee experiences.

Are We Ready for a rAIsed Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence to Highlight, Improve and Enhance
Alice Heiman, Student and Young Scientist
Starting with programming was the best decision I ever made. From creative school projects to Artificial Intelligence research, I will take you on the coding journey that transformed my life. But most importantly, we will jump into the future of AI – and the importance of contributing to its development. Let’s explore the possibilities of technology: to explore, enhance, and empower.

Breathing life into AI: Designing Personality
Madeleine Majenburg, Business & Innovation Designer, Deloitte Digital
Digital Humans are avatars with human-like features, showing facial expressions and emotion. They are also able to have a real conversation based on chatbot AI. As both the visual and conversational AI solutions are maturing, and merging, we might be able to truly mimic human-like interaction. However, that creates new and big design challenges; If digital humans are meant to reflect real humans, it matters who raises them.

AI isn’t magic, it’s your new tool
Annika Bäckström, Art Director, Designer, AI prompt Specialist and DJ
Join Annika Bäckström as she explores synthetic media, revealing its potential to amplify creativity. Discover how AI services created by companies like Midjourney research lab, OpenAI and Stability AI are transforming the creative landscape and why it’s essential to discuss generative media services as tools. Annika addresses ethical concerns and underscores the importance of mastering prompt crafting to harness the full power of AI in creative fields.

Hey politics, what do we do now?
Mats Persson, Minister for Education
Elin Eriksson, Director, Women in Tech Sweden

Six questions for the future
Azra Osmancevic, Head of Business Development, Viaplay Group
In a world where change is the only constant, Azra dares to challenge what it means to manage others and how to take control over your own personal and professional growth. Drawing on interviews with industry-leading peers & her own experiences as a lawyer, start-up founder & Head of Business Development at Viaplay Group, she empowers us to navigate towards the future through radical self-reflection.


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