13:00-13:45 FOCUS SESSION

Supercharge your job search and internal mobility

Partner: Schibsted

Réka dives into 3 behaviours in different stages of a job search and shares a hiring manager’s view on application, knowledge, experience and compensation. The goal is to encourage women to stand up for themselves, stay clear from the impostor syndrome and grab opportunities! Also big companies can enhance career growth, by focusing on internal mobility. Inanna shows the importance of keeping and developing talent and why employees must understand the company structure to identify opportunities.

Speakers: Inanna Lallerstedt, Réka Gazda

14:00-14:45 FOCUS SESSION

We save lives on the roads!

Partner: Tobii AB

Tobii Automotive creates software that will save lives on the roads. Your eyes will tell us whether you should sit behind the steering wheel. Join us to discover how drivers’ states and attention help drive the development of Tobii’s newest product. Find out what we are creating now with Anna Redz and Annika Borgström, Product Owners at Tobii.

Tobii has more than 20 years of experience developing eye tracking and attention computing in different use cases. A few years back, we started a journey to put our technology into cars.

Speakers: Annika Borgström, Anna Redz