13:00-13:45 FOCUS SESSION

A smart, personalized and safe customer experience using data analytics

Partner: ICA Gruppen AB

ICA Gruppen, with its subsidiaries in retail, banking, insurance, real estate and pharma, holds large amounts of data about our customers. So, how do we leverage all this data to create smart, personalized customer experiences without compromising on security and data protection? Listen in on how ICA creates personalized – and secure – customer experiences. Hope to see you there!

Speakers: Stephanie Ternert, Sofia Andersson, Rebecca Cander Dangovanos

14:00-14:45 FOCUS SESSION

Say Hi to Diversometer!

Partner: Scania

Do all of your colleagues like unicorns, or go to the same gym? What if you could have a way of displaying different interests or trends within your organisation? What if we’re actually talking about diversity that increases business value? Imagine what you could gain. Say Hi to Diversometer and help us develop it further, your input is what we need to reach the limit that does not exist! Developed by the Diversity & Inclusion ambassadors at Scania, this app can help you measure the diversity within your organisation just through some simple questions.

Speakers: Christina Crafoord, Sofia Lindståhl, Adithi Gururaj Srivatsa, Ankit Naryani, Triantafyllia (Fillitsa) Karypidou